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Social Media Marketing Proposal

Anidjar & Levine | November 2nd, 2023

Marketing Summary

Royalty Solutions Online Inc. and Anidjar & Levine share a common vision to enhance the law firm’s current social media presence and posting style, ultimately aiming to strengthen your online visibility and engagement. Royalty Solutions Online Inc. will also be implementing strategic Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, tailored to highlight the expertise of Anidjar & Levine in personal injury and car accident cases. Our combined efforts are geared towards fostering a more compelling and effective online brand identity while expanding your reach to better serve your audience.


Clients Services:

Car Accident & Personal Injury


Naples, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa


For the life of our partnership, we pledge not to work with any other car accident & personal injury attorney in Florida, safeguarding our mutual interests & preserving the exclusivity of our collaboration.

  1. Month 1 Setup: November
    1. Target Market Research: We will gain valuable insights into the distinct characteristics, preferences, and behaviors of your desired client base, empowering us to tailor our marketing strategies for a precise alignment with their needs and expectations.
    2. Competitive Analysis: We will take a closer look at the local market by examining what marketing strategies and ads are being used by the top players in the industry. This will help us gain a clear understanding of our competitors and, in turn, shape our advertising strategy and market position for maximum impact.
        2 Types of Legal Marketing Styles:
        1. Professional Firms:
          1. Morgan & Morgan, Rubenstein Law, Atl Injury Law Group, Cohen & Cohen, Weinstein Legal, Gold Law
          2. Sample Ads: Click images for the competitors ad library
        1. Influencer Lawyers:
          1. CEO Lawyer, Top Dog Law, Miami Injury Lawyer
            1. Sample Ads: Click images for the competitors ad library
    3. Audit Existing Social Media Platforms:
      1. Comprehensive evaluation of your current social media presence, assessing factors like content quality, audience engagement, and adherence to brand guidelines. This process helps identify areas for improvement and sets the stage for strategic enhancements to better align your social media strategies with your objectives.
    4. Build Out Social Media Posting Calendar:
      1. A social media calendar acts as a strategic blueprint, helping us schedule, organize, and optimize your content, ensuring a consistent and effective online presence to engage and grow your audience.
    5. Build Out Organization Calendar for Events:
      1. A calendar of events is crucial for planning social media posts as it provides a structured roadmap to ensure timely, relevant, & engaging content that resonates with your audience & aligns with your brand’s objectives.
    6. Build Out Paid Advertising Campaigns:
      1. Build Out Campaigns & Ads, Setup Conversion Tracking, & Connect to CRM
    7. Style of Posting & Ads:
      1. Blend of The Professional Firm (80%) with a little influencer spice (w/ Evan) (20%).
  1. Month 2-6: December – April
    1. Social Media Marketing
      1. Sponsored: Platforms: FB/IG
        1. Strategy: One Campaign Per Target Location (7 Locations / 7 Campaigns)
          1. Recommended Ad Spend: $5,000+ / Month Per Campaign
          2. 2-4 Ad Sets Per Location
            1. Direct/Interest Based Targeting (Age, Interest, Gender)
              1. Split Test Ad Sets based on different targeting, including broad vs. specific, demographics, behaviors.
            2. Lookalike Audience: Based off of past or current data
              1. Database: Phone #, Email, Location
              2. Website Traffic Dating Back 6 Months
          3. Retargeting Campaign
            1. Retarget people who have previously visited website, or social media platforms with conversion retargeting ads.
        2. Ad Styles: (Competitors Ads (Link))
          1. Settlement / Testimonial: (Pic / Video)
          2. Car Accident / Truck Accident (Pic / Video)
          3. Marc / Glen / Team Member (Pic / Video)
        3. All Campaigns will be constantly analyzed and can change & be customized based off results and metrics.
      2. Organic Social Media Marketing:
        1. Platforms & Posting:
          1. FB/IG: (4+ posts per week + story shares + weekly activity)
            1. Image Posts:
              1. Car Accident Pic / Semi Truck
              2. Team Members (Birthdays, promotions, new hires)
              3. Holidays (Approved holidays)
              4. Testimonials / Settlements
              5. Frequently Asked Questions
              6. Events: Sponsorships: Sports, Fundraisers
            2. Videos & Reels:
              1. Attorneys / Team: 20-60 second clips
                1. w/ Evan & other team members. Style: Fancy Fonts, Icons (Professional version of Influencers)
                2. Car Accident / Truck Accident Examples
              2. Events: 20-60 Clips
                1. Sports, Sponsorships & Appearances
            3. On the Fly Posts:
              1. Any event or spontaneous content
                1. Available 24/7 for posting
                2. Reels, Stories, Static Posts
          2. TikTok / Twitter / YouTube Shorts / LinkedIn Business Page
            1. 2+ Posts Per Platform Per Week
        2. We will handle all the posting and content creation.
          1. Graphic & Video Creation (w/ Jose’s help)
        3. Build an Event Calendar so everyone knows when important dates occur.
          1. Available to attend events to help manage content creation.
6 Month Marketing Agreement _______________________________________________________ $20,000 / Month
6 Month Marketing Agreement
$20,000 / Month

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