Poly Lift USA: Expanding Concrete Leveling Operations and Increasing ROI through Royalty Solutions Online’s Marketing Strategies


This case study examines the successful partnership between Poly Lift USA, a concrete leveling company based in Florida, and Royalty Solutions Online, a digital marketing agency. The objective was to expand Poly Lift USA’s operations to four additional states while consistently improving their return on investment (ROI) over a five-year period. Royalty Solutions Online implemented various marketing strategies, including paid ad campaigns, local SEO, local directory setup, city page optimization, and social media management on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This case study provides insights into the implementation of these strategies and their impact on Poly Lift USA’s expansion and financial performance.


Poly Lift USA, a leading concrete leveling company in Florida, aimed to expand its operations to four additional states within a five-year period. To achieve this goal, Poly Lift USA partnered with Royalty Solutions Online, a digital marketing agency specializing in enhancing online visibility and driving targeted traffic. Royalty Solutions Online devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to facilitate Poly Lift USA’s expansion plans while ensuring a steady growth in ROI.

Marketing Strategy Implementation:

2.1 Paid Ad Campaigns:
Royalty Solutions Online launched targeted paid ad campaigns to increase Poly Lift USA’s brand awareness and generate qualified leads. The agency utilized platforms such as Google Ads and social media advertising to reach potential customers in the targeted states. The campaigns focused on highlighting Poly Lift USA’s expertise in concrete leveling, emphasizing their competitive advantages and value propositions.

2.2 Local SEO and Directory Setup:
To improve Poly Lift USA’s online visibility in the target states, Royalty Solutions Online implemented a local SEO strategy. This involved optimizing the website content, meta tags, and on-page elements to rank higher in local search results. Additionally, the agency set up the company’s profiles on relevant local directories, ensuring accurate and consistent business information across online platforms.

2.3 City Page Optimization:
Royalty Solutions Online created dedicated city pages on Poly Lift USA’s website to target specific geographic areas within the expansion states. These city pages provided localized content, including testimonials, case studies, and service descriptions tailored to the needs of customers in each city. By optimizing these pages for local search, Poly Lift USA gained increased visibility and attracted geographically targeted traffic.

2.4 Social Media Management:
Royalty Solutions Online focused on building a strong social media presence for Poly Lift USA on Facebook and Instagram. The agency developed engaging content that showcased successful projects, customer testimonials, and informative videos related to concrete leveling. By consistently engaging with the audience and responding to inquiries, Poly Lift USA established a loyal following on social media, fostering brand loyalty and trust.

2.5 Online Presence on Google:
Royalty Solutions Online ensured that Poly Lift USA’s online presence on Google platforms, including Google My Business, was comprehensive and up-to-date. They optimized the company’s Google My Business profile, regularly updated business information, and encouraged customers to leave reviews. This strategy helped improve Poly Lift USA’s local search rankings and enhanced their credibility among potential customers.

Results and Achievements:

3.1 Geographic Expansion:
Over the five-year period, Poly Lift USA successfully expanded its operations from Florida to four additional states. The marketing strategies employed by Royalty Solutions Online played a significant role in generating brand awareness, attracting qualified leads, and establishing a presence in the target markets.

3.2 ROI Improvement:
Through the implementation of the marketing strategies, Poly Lift USA experienced a steady improvement in ROI. The combination of paid ad campaigns, local SEO, city page optimization, and social media management helped generate a consistent flow of leads, resulting in increased revenue and a higher return on marketing investment.

3.3 Enhanced Online Visibility:
Poly Lift USA’s online visibility significantly improved due to the

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