Handymanpro FL – From Idea to Million-Dollar Entity: Royalty Solutions Online’s Impact on Marketing Strategies


This case study explores the remarkable journey of Handymanpro FL, a home service company that swiftly transformed from an idea into a million-dollar entity within just 12 months. The focus of this study is on the invaluable contributions made by Royalty Solutions Online, a marketing agency that played a crucial role in implementing effective marketing strategies such as paid ad campaigns, local SEO, brand awareness campaigns, and building a strong social media following and online presence. The case study highlights how these strategies, combined with Handymanpro FL’s dedication, led to their outstanding success in the competitive home services industry.


Handymanpro FL was founded in 2018, with a vision to establish a successful home service company in Florida. This case study delves into their remarkable journey, with a specific focus on the marketing strategies implemented by Royalty Solutions Online, and their impact on Handymanpro FL’s rapid growth and transformation.

Identifying a Niche Market:

The team at Handymanpro FL identified a gap in the market for a reliable, customer-focused home service company. They engaged Royalty Solutions Online to conduct comprehensive market research, which further validated the need for high-quality handyman services in their local area.

Building a Strong Brand Identity:

Royalty Solutions Online worked closely with Handymanpro FL to develop a strong brand identity. They collaborated on crafting a memorable logo, designing an appealing website, and ensuring consistent branding across all marketing channels. These efforts established trust and credibility, helping Handymanpro FL differentiate itself in the market.

Paid Ad Campaigns:

Royalty Solutions Online executed targeted paid ad campaigns for Handymanpro FL. By leveraging platforms such as Google Ads and social media advertising, they reached a wider audience and drove qualified leads to Handymanpro FL’s website. This strategy helped increase brand visibility and attract potential customers actively searching for handyman services.

Local SEO:

Understanding the importance of local search visibility, Royalty Solutions Online implemented a comprehensive local SEO strategy for Handymanpro FL. They optimized the company’s website for relevant local keywords, created location-specific landing pages, and ensured accurate business listings across online directories. This strategy helped Handymanpro FL rank higher in local search results, attracting geographically targeted customers.

Brand Awareness Campaigns:

Royalty Solutions Online designed and executed brand awareness campaigns for Handymanpro FL. Through strategic content marketing, including blog posts, informative videos, and social media engagement, they positioned Handymanpro FL as an industry expert and a trusted resource for home improvement advice. This approach enhanced brand recognition and fostered a sense of community among their target audience.

Social Media and Online Presence:

Recognizing the power of social media, Royalty Solutions Online worked with Handymanpro FL to build a strong social media following and online presence. They created engaging content, including project showcases, before-and-after photos, and customer testimonials, which resonated with the audience. Through consistent social media activity and interactions, Handymanpro FL established a community of loyal followers, leading to increased brand visibility and customer engagement.

Overcoming Challenges:

While implementing these marketing strategies, Handymanpro FL faced challenges such as intense competition, recruitment and retention of skilled technicians, managing customer expectations, and maintaining service quality. Royalty Solutions Online provided ongoing support, adapting the marketing strategies to address these challenges and aligning the messaging to resonate with the target audience’s needs and preferences.

Results and Achievements:

Through the collaborative efforts of Handymanpro FL and Royalty Solutions Online, remarkable results were achieved. Handymanpro FL experienced exponential revenue growth, expanded their service coverage area, and developed a loyal

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