We are here to tell your story and deliver consistent returns on your marketing investment. We do that by bringing your brand’s unique voice, value, and vision to the hottest market.

Neidorf Strong is the culmination of 25+ years of winning, losing, and learning. Co-Founders Lee Neidorf and Mac Strong have been friends since college and took separate paths of success in their business lives, they now reunite with their new venture: Neidorf Strong.

Lee is a driven entrepreneur who’s been building brands and running profitable marketing campaigns since 2007. He is always ready to get his boots dirty and dig deep into client campaigns to ensure execution. He has a relentless passion for your success and his decade+ track record is proof.

Mac took the corporate route and has been a top sales and marketing performer with some of the fastest growing private equity, marketing, and tech companies in the world. His experience launching startups, consulting with Fortune 100 enterprises, and working in corporate strategy will fortify your brand.

They each have unique talents, perspectives, and value to clients. Together they will fuck you up.